You Pick

My dear friend and hiking buddy has returned from six months of traveling and taking Spanish classes in South America.  This morning we tackled the north side of Knox Mountain, me for the very first time.  I'm sure will be back again soon as it's quite challenging for me and I'm keen to improve my fitness.  I forgot to check my watch when we started and finished, but from the time on the photographs it looks like we took a little more than an hour.  I'm pretty happy with that.

I really appreciated the slow pace Donna was willing to take as I stopped frequently...not because I was out of breath or my calf muscles were begging me to stop.  It was so I could photograph the beautiful views of the north end of Okanagan Lake of course!  

This photo was taken from the final bench at the top just before you get to the pavillion that you can drive up to from the south side.  I couldn't decide which of these three photos I liked the best so I decided to post them all.  What's your pick?


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