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Pearls of Wisdom


A Little B&W

I've been trying to cull some of my photos as of late and I've discovered it's a very slow process.  I have more than 33,000 jpegs on my MacBook and I know at least 1/3 of them should be tossed, maybe more.  I ran across some black and white ones last night and the culling turned into re-composing and fussing with some settings.  Thought I'd share.

June is for Dads

Over the past couple of months I've been working my way through a few hundred slides my father gave me before he moved out of the old homestead.

I don't have a projector but I do have a handy dandy cheapo viewer I picked up from Lens and Shutter for less than $5.  I also have a slide scanner, a little portable one you can hook into any computer.  I doesn't do a very good job, so I selected a few slides to share with you on father's day and had London Drugs convert them into jpegs.  They had the best price at 99 cents each, and 60 cents if you had 100 or more.  Something to think about, but I also have 2,000 slides from Reg - birds, bees, insects and trees taken in Venezuela in the 60's and 70's.  I'm going to have to find another option I think.  In the meantime, enjoy these oldies but goodies, and a few more recent goodies.

JULY 1962
JULY 2014
 I'm guessing early 70's
JULY 1970
JULY 2008
My father's pride and joy...and me, 1965
Sadly th…

What the Dogs (and I) Saw

The poopers and I took an extended walk along Mission Ridge this morning, accompanied by my new Samsung S6.  I've been an iPhone gal since I bowed to the social pressures and bought a cell phone five years ago.  I switched to the Samsung since I wanted a bigger screen -  as I get older, it's become more challenging to read incoming texts.

I've been hobbling along with the shattered screen on my iPhone for a few weeks now, thinking because of the length of my contract, I wouldn't get a deal on a new phone for at least another month.  Turns out there are lots of deals on at Bell Mobility right now, and likely other carriers as well.  The $699 phone ended up costing me $25.

Here's what we saw with the new Samsung.

Here there be deer!

The long hike takes us up to Westpoint Drive to IMHO an area overpriced homes.  This is what happens when it takes many years to sell out a subdivision.  You have this:

Next to this:

It's taken a couple of summers, but we will soon …