Mission Possible

Me Bloomin' Tea

You Say Tomato, I Say YUM!

Not a Darwin Among Them

Endings and Beginnings

Coincidence? I Think So....

Surprise Boomerang Attack

...and the livin' is easy

Happy Feet

Just Dessert

Memories of My Babies

That's What Big Brothers Are For

August 19th: Joyful Days

August 18th: The Outside Inn Cabins and Lofts

August 17th: Trails, Jiggers, and Beaches

August 16th: Whales, Hot Springs and Beavers

August 15th: Long Beach

August 14th: First Stop Saltspring

Uclulet Redux

Peace of Mind

An Old Dog Up To His Old Tricks

Natural Instincts

We All Scream....

Serenity Now!

Good Vibrations

There's Always Hope

Another Day, In the Park

Feels Like Summer

Ripe for the Picking

The Waiting is the Hardest Part