Surprise Boomerang Attack

So I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news. The good news is:   My daughter is moving back home after almost two years on her own.  The bad news is:   My daughter is moving back home after almost two years on her own.  

I've always thought of my kids as atypical.  They moved out fairly soon after graduating from high school, and despite being placed in the Boomerang Generation,  I didn't expect they'd be back other than to do laundry or to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving.  

My daughter juggled several jobs and travelled after high school and then last September she entered university.  Turns out even working two jobs this past summer won't cover her tuition and living expenses for her second year. My daughter truly is a pleasure to have at home - she does her own laundry, cleans the kitchen when it gets out of hand, calls to see if she can pick up anything we might need on her way home, and has already offered to make dinner on Friday nights.  

So why am I worried? She also has a full social life. When I wake up on a Friday night and read 1:15 on the bedside clock and realize have yet to hear her walk through the front door, I know I'm going to worry.  

She moves in this Sunday and I'm still a bit anxious about it.  My only hope is that sometimes when you worry about something a lot, by the time it happens there was nothing to worry about after all.  Cross your fingers for me on this one!


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