Serenity Now!

This was the view of the lake from Mission Ridge at 8:00 a.m.  Thank goodness I had this beautiful image to help me fill the well before I drained it running from one thing to the next for the rest of the day.  

Felt like I was shot out of a cannon after my shower this morning....First stop: the dog park where Pitou romped with Jesse and Theo, and my father-in-law chatted up Charlene.  Headed back home to make some phone calls to arrange some errands followed by a rush to meet someone to drop off a  piece of music for transcription, then on to Wentworth to pick up sheet music and my father-in-law bought a new turntable. A quick back track to a guitar player's office to drop off a different CD and some sheet music.  Chatted for few minutes with Dave and Lisa, then Sudden Realization:  Dad is waiting in the car!  

Off to Extra Foods for the dry goods, onwards to Don-O-Ray for fruit and veggies.  Needed some pickling cukes but wasn't happy with theirs.  Planned to turn right as I pulled out of the parking lot, headed to My Country Garden, but my brain was on autopilot and went left so I had to do a big loop around to get to the cukes...  They looked great, headed back down KLO and then on to Lexington to stop at Mission Meat for free range non-antibiotic meats.  Oops, forgot to get cat food....hope Mike doesn't mind picking it up since it was well past 1:30 by this time and man was I hungry for lunch.  Next stop home.... lunch, put away the groceries, empty the dishwasher, take the clothes off the line.  Check Facebook, call husband to respond to a friends question on a Spanish Translation.  Whew...not to worry, it was cajones (drawers) NOT cojones (er...male parts).  

More phone calls to confirm some commitments.  Sudden Realization: I need to take something with me to Min's for book club tonight.  Head back out to sunshine market to find something and left with watermelon, grapes and lime chili peanuts.  On the way home said a little prayer while passing the corner of McClure and Lakeshore where a young girl was sitting up against some sort of back board, surrounded by police, her bike on the side of the road and the ambulance just arriving.  Reminded myself to drive carefully and watch for cyclists.  

Home again, home again... cut up watermelon added some cantaloup from the fridge, cut the grapes into groups of three, put the peanuts in a bowl, make everything look pretty on a big plate.  On the computer...upload my photo, write my little blurb.  It's 4:59, time to start dinner.   But I wait a few more minutes looking at this picture....taking deep breaths....


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