August 18th: The Outside Inn Cabins and Lofts

Our visit to Ucluelet at the Outside Inn came to it's end Thursday morning.  It was a nice place to stay - fairly new, clean, and not far from the places we like to visit.  The fact that they were dog friendly was bonus. My husband found the place on line, which is a method that has always worked out well for us.  This time it was a bit pricey though since it was a holiday planned only a couple of weeks before we left and we had to take what we could find. 

We did have a couple of minor complaints about the place.  The description and photos were a bit misleading, making us think that we had a fully detached unit.  My husband thought we had a kitchenette with stove and oven, when in fact we had a microwave, BBQ and small fridge that didn't fit all of our food for the three days.  

I discovered this before we left so when I contacted the owners they offered to give us a small gas stove and and a couple of pans so we could have our bacon and eggs.  This made a great difference and as it turned out they gave us a very nice hotplate to use, which was even better.  

Though they allowed dogs, they had to be on the leash at all times - change "dog friendly"  to "dog tolerant".  We were only there for sleeping, breakfast and dinner, so it didn't really effect us.  All the walking and hiking left us with some aching muscles and we did try the Jacuzzi, which was really more frustrating than anything.  It wasn't very deep, and like a regular tub if you sat, it left you with shoulders and chest exposed to the air.  You could scrunch down and have your knees out of the water instead, but parts of your upper body were still not submerged.   

The greatest sin was the fact that they had a coffee maker but didn't supply coffee filters.  They did supply those coffee packages that come with their own filter, but there were only two there and as they came into clean regularly we assumed they'd replenish over the course of our stay.  No such luck...the morning we left we had NO COFFEE and couldn't get any until we hit Port Alberni.  None of these complaints are real hardships, but at the price they were charging per night, I'd look for something else in the future.  We stayed just down the road at Florencia Bay Cottages last time and were very happy with that, but it was booked solid this year.   


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