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100 Strangers: One to Ten

Last year I decided I wanted to do something called the One Hundred Strangers project.  I stumbled across it on the Flickr website.  They suggested it as a way to help improve your portrait taking skills.  By October 2013 there were more than 9,000 members on the project and over 40,000 photographs posted.  I'm sure it's well beyond that now.  The only real "rule" is that you must have the permission of the subject.

The first two photos here were taken last year and the rest were captured over the past six weeks.  I've decided to post mine on my blog - mostly because the ones on Flickr are amazing and I've got a lot to learn.  I'm going to include photos that you might not consider "portraits" since some will have more than one person.  I am going to keep the rule of having to have the permission of the subjects.  So far I've met some very interesting people who've taught me a few things, both practical and philosophical.   I've al…

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Oxford Roots

While spending time in the Far East (of Canada) with my father, I was able to wander through downtown Oxford.  It's a very small town in the northwest arm of Nova Scotia with a population of about 1,100 people.  This is where my parents were living when I was born Springhill, Nova Scotia the place with the closest hospital.

If you've purchased wild frozen blueberries from the grocery store, it's likely you've eaten blueberries grown in the Oxford area, or if not Oxford, from one of the many areas that provides wild blueberries to  Oxford Frozen Foods.  
Oxford Town Hall.  There is faint carving in the stone above the  windows that reads "The Wild Blueberry and Maple Centre"

This building  was once the local hardware store owned by my  Grandfather Wood.  My Dad and his family lived upstairs.
There used to be a balcony on this corner of the building.  In his  childhood my Dad slept there on hot summer nights.
Now the hardware store is an antique store.   It w…

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