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Window Shopping on Pandosy

I was walking from Mosaic Books on Bernard back to my car this morning when I glanced in the window and noticed a cookbook written by my high school friend Donna Marie Pye.  I snapped a quick iPhoto to share with her, and decided to capture a few more shots while I window shopped my way back to the car.

Frock is a great little consignment store.  They're very supportive of local artistans, particulary of the female persuasion, and displayed some of my daughters work for a while last spring.  I believe the owner is very creative and re-purposes some  of the clothing she takes in, designing some sought after one of a kind fashions.

I haven't made it into this new coffee house yet.  My googling tells me they serve up quite a variety of coffees and teas, and have a great collection of rare pulp fiction novels.  Stay tuned from some interior shots next week.

Looking at these luscious baskets that hang up and down the streets in downtown Kelowna you'd never know that tomorrow is…

Black and White New York


What's up with you?

Yesterday I was searching my blog to see if I've ever done a "How to can tomatoes" post when I stumbled upon an old post with a fun little exercise called "Taking Stock".  My immediate thought was that it would be fun to take stock again one year later and it was too bad we'd already passed the date.   It seems my brain had already jumped into October for some reason.  Even when I double checked the date (Yesterday was September 25 and the post was September 26), it still took a few minutes for my mind to settle into the realization that serendipity had intervened once more.  
I'm posting this more as an opportunity for you to do the same thing, rather than thinking anyone but my family would care about my results... in fact I'm sure some of my family members wouldn't care either.  It's been interesting to see how some things have changed a lot but others remain the same. If you decide to do one for yourself, try not to over think and fill in…

From Bleecker to Bemelmans

Friday morning on our last day in New York I was determined to get the most out of it.  I rose early and headed down to Greenwich Village on the subway. We'd been going non-stop for the past five days and Christina knew that as soon as she stepped off the plane the next day her four kids would be lovingly thrust into her arms by her harried hubby.  She opted to sleep in.

Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village

A gated street known as The Mews is just south of the park.  Years ago  it was a row of stables that  serviced houses in the area, but was turned into housing and offices for New York University.  The gate was open so I walked in as though I belonged.  Construction was going on at one end of the road, but nobody stopped me so I took photos while I had the opportunity.

I strolled down famed Bleeker Street snapping photos as I went.

This popular store was having a 90% off sale.  I snapped a photo despite the fact that  farther down the line I heard a lanky blonde girl aske…