Marvelous Midtown

Meanwhile, back in NYC it was late Thursday afternoon.   Christina and I happily found our way to Grand Central Terminal.  Having seen it so many times in movies and on TV it was very familiar, but no less impressive.  Our City Pass included a free audio tour, but unfortunately I didn't discover that fact until we were back home.

The main concourse reminded me very much of the decor and style of Toronto's Union Station which was constructed near the end of the ten year period that Grand Central was being re-built.

...OK Flashmob, whenever you're ready....

The buildings surrounding Grand Central Terminal are fantastic examples of art deco architecture.  Just now I was surfing the internet so I could share some information on the history of these beautiful pieces of art when I came across a New York Daily News article that stopped me cold.  In April of this year, NYC Mayor Bloomberg announced a massive rezoning of the area with plans to tear down some of the buildings surrounding Grand Central because they are "too small" and can't compete with the giant office buildings in more modern places like Shanghai and Hong Kong. I just hope these stunning historical beauties are not part of the plan.

And then there was this...perhaps not so much art deco as modernista. 


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