A Dream View

I was scouting for a spot to take a nice sunrise photo of Kelowna when I stumbled upon this couple.  They're sitting on a private property in an area of houses with some stunning views of Kelowna.  I assume they're the lucky two who will one day build a home on this beautiful site.  If I had a few hundred thousand dollars lying around I think I would be buying the lot beside them.  

Not only was it a beautiful spot, it was incredibly peaceful, despite the fact that there were a fair number of houses snuggled into the rocky, scrub covered hills behind me.  I heard no cars, no dogs barking, no people chatting, no birds, chipmunks or crickets chirping.  Perhaps they were in awe of the view, or lulled into a stupor by the late afternoon heat.


  1. Wonder what they were discussing? It's a nice idea to think they were discussing their house plans and future.


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