Day Four in the Big Apple


The Wednesday of the Big Birthday visit to New York was Central Park Day.  Christina and I used our City Pass which gave us a free bike rental for three hours.  Our companions had made different arrangements through a  Groupon deal though we did cross paths going in opposite directions at one point.  

We took the bike path around the park and headed into the centre of it on our bikes, which it turns out we weren't supposed to do.  I guess you're supposed to walk your bikes within the park, but we didn't see any signs about it until we were almost finished our ride.  


Photo Shoot
Cool as a cucumber despite the winter coat and the tropical heat

Sean the helpful rickshaw driver with the lovely Irish Brogue.
He directed us to Strawberry Fields.

Three bikers from Italy
There are more than strawberries in Strawberry Fields
After we dropped off our bikes it absolutely poured down rain.  We ducked into a busy patisserie for a very tasty lunch and the rain had stopped by the time we finished eating.
yummy gazpacho

Museum of Natural History 

After our busy day we regrouped had a quick snack and then headed over to the Gershwin Theatre to watch Wicked from the fourth row.  A truly amazing experience and I'm so glad we decided to go for it.   The song Defying Gravity ran through my head for days afterwards.

While singing a love song our waiter drew a ketchup heart on Christina's plate. 
(photo by Tracy Sherman)
After the show we met  for dinner with the Vancouver ladies at Ellen's Stardust Dinner.  They had been to see "Mamma Mia". The food was good and the waitstaff were all aspiring Broadway stars who also provided entertainment by singing between deliveries.  They sang a Mamma Mia medley at the request of the Vancouver gals.


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