Long Weekend Gratitude

Hello September!  I can't believe you are here already but I'm grateful for your arrival.  Autumn is on its way  -my favourite time of year, but for now I am grateful for the waning days of summer and many other things that happened over the past week.

I'm grateful for our regular family Sunday dinner.  Even though our daughter doesn't live at home, it's a tradition that hasn't been too hard to keep.

I'm grateful for the generosity of our daughter who treated us to ice cream at Moo-lix afterwards.

I'm grateful for the time, motivation and energy that was available to me to finish scraping the last bits of wallpaper and goop off the kitchen walls.

I'm grateful for the recent contact with my sister-in-law.  We found some great websites for distraction this past week, like this collection of "dog shaming" photos.  I'm grateful we can share some laughs and can be there for each other as needed.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to use the company boat Saturday.  We had a great picnic on the lake with goodnatured friends who enjoyed didn't mind the wet ride back to shore.  I guess since we didn't go into the lake, the lake came to us!

I'm grateful for the upcoming week which will bring the beginning of some major changes to my kitchen!  


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