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Top Five for 2014

It's been three and a half years since I started this blog and things are definitely winding down.  Though I still enjoy posting photos (mostly for family members who aren't on Facebook),  I've been using my iPhone most of the time.  I have to say I'm a little intimidated by the new Nikon D610 I bought in June and am hoping to spend some quality time with it in the new year.  As the old year winds down,  I thought I'd share the top five posts of 2014, based on the number of views received.

Number Five:

The Nova Scotia Road Trip gets the number five spot.  I had a lovely visit with my Dad and toured the Cabot trail.  I also had a very nice, though short visit with my Mom's siblings and my Aunt Norma.

Number Four:

Come Fly with Me is next up.  My first helicopter ride was extraordinary as my hubby and I flew over the island of Kauai, taking our time around the Na Pali Coast.

Number Three:

Our weekend on Salt Spring to attend the wedding of hubby's niece was a …

Some of our Christmas Traditions

Photography has taken the backseat in my life as of late, in fact it might not even be in the car.  It seems to be stuck in the rickety trailer being pulled along behind me, careening around curves and rattling along my current path.  I did manage to use my iPhone to capture a few moments for family members unable to join us this year.  It was a cozy family Christmas with Adam visiting from Vancouver, and Nicole and her roommate staying over Christmas Eve.

Our mishmash Christmas Tree with every ornament we can fit.   I am always amazed by how lovely it turns out to be without being "staged".

Christmas Eve dinner:
Tourtiere and French Onion Soup.

 Getting ready for a Christmas Eve tradition my Mom started  about ten years ago:  The dollar store steal the present game.
 The Santa and Rudolph treat.
A new tradition?:  Mom and Dad spoiled by Santa
I think this is the third year for this tradition:  Christmas morning Rolo hot chocolate  with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkl…

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas


Early December


Wordless Wednesday: Random iPhone

*I do have to give credit where credit is due and tell you this one was inspired by another photo through a frosted window taken by the talented Janet Roth.

Flavouring Fall

Autumn inspires me in many ways.  The Fall harvest along with the bite in the air, stirs my desire to cook comfort food.  I seem to be iphone photoing a lot of my efforts over the past few weeks.  This post is more about the recipes than quality of the photos.  Hope you find something delicious and comforting.

I was inspired to make my version of this traditional Portuguese soup while looking at options for travel next fall.  I used chorizo from the stupor store, kale from our own garden,  walla walla onions and flavourful potatoes from Don-O-Ray.

I'm not much of a baker but I will make the occasional pie.  This occasion was an evening of dessert and drinks with friends.  This pie set a high standard for any future apple pies I bake. Darned if I can remember what recipe I used but I definitely recommend apples from Bite Me Organics.  My mom made the best pie crust bar none.  I don't know what her secret was, but she used the recipe off the Tenderflake package.  For me it'…