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Gyring and Gimbling in the Wabe

Towards the end of our week on Antigua this February, we stopped for lunch at a the Casanova Restaurant across from Jabberwock beach, in Saint John's Parish.  The food was middle eastern and excellent.  Wish I could tell you the name of what I had, but I can't remember.  It was like a gyro with a tasty beef filling and a savory sauce.  I recall it started with a K and might have been Kibbeh.  I'd go back in a minute and eat anything on the menu, other than the lamb.  
The north east shore of Antigua is a windy place.  Jabberwock is rated as a top beach for swimming but I wouldn't want to have to dodge the kite surfers, and the sea is pretty weedy.  It was a fun place to stop and watch these daredevils. Wherever we roam, I'm always drawn to photograph the kite surfers, including at home on Kelowna's Rotary Beach.  I don't think I've ever seen any female kite surfers in my travels, so it was nice to see a few out "ripping" as the kids say.  
I …

Sunday Hike

Yesterday morning we took the dogs up to the summit of Black Knight Mountain, described in this link as a moderate 11.5 km hike on a gravel road.  The description is slightly dated as we discovered the first part of the hike  was paved not too long ago - I'm thinking during the last roadwork season.  I would have said our last time taking this hike was two summers ago.  When I did a search of this blog I learned it was in the Fall of 2011.  On that day, due to concerns about the setting sun we didn't make it to the top but promised we'd return soon.

My how time flies.  I was shocked to realize it's taken almost four years to get back.  I'm very pleased to report that today we did the return trip in three hours.  The photos included here were taken by my hubby with his Panasonic DMC-G2.

It's any easy to moderate hike, on a gravel trail with nothing too steep. In this case it's not the journey, it's the view.

South views

North view
We saw lots of deer tracks…

A Vacation Summary and a Book

This is not a typical post for me, but I had to share an excerpt with you, my book lover friends.  It's much too long for Facebook so I thought I'd blog about it, and give you a brief summary of our trip while I'm at it.  We recently returned from three weeks in the Lesser Antilles, visiting Antigua, Guadeloupe and Dominica. I've chosen three fairly random photos to post to pique your interest a little.

Valley Church Beach, Antigua
The market in Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe

Red Rocks in Calibishe, Dominica
In the meantime, to summarize our trip... there was hiking, swimming, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, Mermaid Secrets, lakes, the Atlantic ocean, and the Caribbean Sea, the green scent of rain forests, the pungent aroma of marijuana, annoying cigarette smoke, and the massacring of the French language.  There was driving and more driving and then some more driving.  Driving on smooth, well marked asphalt roads and driving on joint jarring asphalt, concrete and dirt roads remin…