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Let The Procrastination Begin!

Just returned from a trip to Los Angeles,  where I left my daughter in residence at U.C.L.A. Now there's so much to do!  I still have a few more photos to post from our trip to Wells Gray where we hiked up to Trophy Meadows and took in the stunning Trophy Mountains. And of course now I have photos of post! We found time to do a few touristy things like visiting Santa Monica, Melrose Avenue and I took a hop-on hop-off tour of the downtown.  

I also have emails to catch up on, groceries to buy, laundry to do and appointments to keep.  And once that's all organized I have a book to finish.  But first I thought I'd copy the blog my daughter posted today.  You can read her version here.  It's a fun exercise and even if you don't have a blog to post on, a little self analysis is always a good thing (said the Virgo).  

Taking Stock
Making : List, lists and more lists.  Getting organized now that summer is truly over.
Cooking : Comfort food and tomatoes.  Canning 100 po…

Wordless Wednesday With July and August


Whitewater Saturday

During the planning stages of our trip to Wells Gray Park,  I booked a Saturday afternoon rafting trip with  Interior Whitewater Expeditions (IWE).  Once there, we planned a leisurely morning, with a  visit to the Clearwater Farmers' Market, lunch in town and a wild ride on the river in the afternoon.

As we headed towards town we took our time along Clearwater Valley Road, stopping at a few of the viewpoints we had rushed by earlier in the week.  If you drive up Corral Road near the 31 km mark you'll catch a nice view of Pyramid Mountain.

The CV Road crosses three canyons located fairly close together and we stopped after the bridges to have a good look at Canyons One and Two.  

 Apparently at Canyon Two you can hike down from the edge of the road and walk along the creek inside the gorge.

Though the market had lovely flowers, produce and handmade jewelery it was fairly small so it didn't take long to look around.  Since it was right next door to IWE, we decided to see if…

A Late Summer Market Discovery

I've driven past this house too many times to count over  the past seventeen years. It's on the picturesque Benvoulin Road that so often finds its on my blog. I love this house and the fantastical willow tree that grows beside it.  
One of my many  childhood fantasies was to live in a house with a big willow tree. In that dream I would spend hot summer afternoons, perched high in it's shadows, day dreaming or reading a book, hidden away from the world.  
One day a ForSale sign appeared on the side of the road but I knew the price would be well beyond my wildest dreams.  Sometime after the Sold sign appeared another one popped up - forest green with white letters spelling Brookedale Heritage Garden.  

You can't see the market building from the road and I most often stop at Don-O-Ray vegetables, just across the street so up until last weekend, I was never motivated to pull in.  As we say in my family "It's cute, cause it's little!"   I wish I had more …

Mountains, Lakes and Rivers

Our Friday in Wells Gray started with a drive to the Green Mountain Lookout. We turned off Clearwater Road at the 35.9 km mark and drove 3.5 kms up Green Mountain Road.  It's a bit narrow and steep but you can do it in a car without difficulty.  Our plan was to take in the beautiful scenery then head up to Clearwater Lake to kayak for the afternoon.  We thought we might stop for a short hike along the way if anything caught our fancy.

The Trophy Mountains
The lookout gives you a great view of the surrounding mountains, valleys and lakes from this corner of the park.  There are identifying photos at the top so you have an idea of what you're seeing.  
Garnet Peak in the distance.  Huntley Mountain and Buchanan Ridge in the foreground.
Battle Mountain in the distance, Inca Ridge to the left.
Mahood Lake
Pyramid Mountain.
We decided to stop part way down the mountain road and do the hike to White Horse Bluff.  Though I read the description out loud to hubby from our bible Exploring …