A Late Summer Market Discovery

I've driven past this house too many times to count over  the past seventeen years. It's on the picturesque Benvoulin Road that so often finds its on my blog. I love this house and the fantastical willow tree that grows beside it.  

One of my many  childhood fantasies was to live in a house with a big willow tree. In that dream I would spend hot summer afternoons, perched high in it's shadows, day dreaming or reading a book, hidden away from the world.  

One day a For Sale sign appeared on the side of the road but I knew the price would be well beyond my wildest dreams.  Sometime after the Sold sign appeared another one popped up - forest green with white letters spelling Brookedale Heritage Garden.  

You can't see the market building from the road and I most often stop at Don-O-Ray vegetables, just across the street so up until last weekend, I was never motivated to pull in.  As we say in my family "It's cute, cause it's little!"   I wish I had more information about this charming vegetable market, but there was nobody around.  They are trusting farmers who use the honour system.  You can drop your money in the locked bird house on the barn door .  

Prices were about average, and the produce looked great.  Corn was only fifty cents a cob and the sign on the road boasting that fact was what made me stop - best price I've seen in years.  I can attest to the fact that the corn was very tasty. 

I purchased some corn, a zucchini, white potatoes, lemon cukes and a giant bulb of garlic.  I was thrilled to find some yellow beefsteak tomatoes as I haven't seen yellow tomatoes anywhere this year. I'm not sure how much longer Brookedale will be open, but if you're driving past do take the time to pop in.  You won't be disappointed.


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