Let The Procrastination Begin!

Just returned from a trip to Los Angeles,  where I left my daughter in residence at U.C.L.A. Now there's so much to do!  I still have a few more photos to post from our trip to Wells Gray where we hiked up to Trophy Meadows and took in the stunning Trophy Mountains. And of course now I have photos of L.A.to post! We found time to do a few touristy things like visiting Santa Monica, Melrose Avenue and I took a hop-on hop-off tour of the downtown.  

I also have emails to catch up on, groceries to buy, laundry to do and appointments to keep.  And once that's all organized I have a book to finish.  But first I thought I'd copy the blog my daughter posted today.  You can read her version here.  It's a fun exercise and even if you don't have a blog to post on, a little self analysis is always a good thing (said the Virgo).  

Taking Stock

Making : List, lists and more lists.  Getting organized now that summer is truly over.
Cooking : Comfort food and tomatoes.  Canning 100 pounds of the little beauties this weekend.
Drinking : Coffee
Reading: The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n.  Set in my beloved Barcelona but I'm not enjoying it as much as The Shadow of the Wind.
Wanting: It all.
Looking: but not touching.
Playing: at being a grown up.
Wasting: Time.  Is there anyone out there that feels they are using their time wisely? If so, you are my hero.
Sewing: Nothing at the moment but I'm quite inspired by the beautiful fall pillow my sister-in-law quilted.
Wishing: I could get things done more quickly in the morning.
Enjoying: Being back home.  I'm a true homebody.
Waiting: For confirmation from Plymouth Cemetery regarding book research.
Liking: that the sun is trying to come out.
Wondering: where all these fruit flies are coming from.
Loving: that the weekend is almost here and I can spend some quality time with my honey.
Hoping: that the memory stick I lost with the back up info for the book was run over by a car.
Marvelling: at how blessed I am to have a wonderful family, all my essential needs taken care of and the freedom to do so many things I enjoy.
Needing: to feel less guilty about the above.
Smelling: nothing.  Am I hard of smelling?
Wearing: My daughter's cardigan - it was the sweater closest to the kitchen this morning.
Following: up on an online purchase that hasn't arrived.
Noticing: How much work needs to be done before we can list the house.
Knowing: That it will all come together eventually.
Thinking: It's time to get serious! (again)
Bookmarking:  recipes for soups and stews
Opening: tubs of winter clothes and airing things out.
Giggling: not
Feeling: like a nap


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