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A Wedding on Salt Spring

This past weekend my niece Caroni (named after the river in Venezuela where the family spent their Sundays) became the first of the Young grandchildren to get married.  The ceremony was held on a beautiful sunny afternoon, oceanside on Salt Spring Island where she grew up.

Due to the volume of family members we stayed at a peaceful little B&B called Frida's Villa about half way between the ferry and the Young home.  If you're planning a vacation on Salt Spring I highly recommend it.

It turned out to be a fantastic weekend and the first time we've been together in nearly ten years.  I was so grateful for the opportunity to see what wonderful adults our kids have become; creative, talented, smart, funny, helpful, kind and generous.  Their partners are quite excellent as well.

Here are some photos of the weekend...we'll start with the big event:

Not to worry, security has everything under control.

 Parents of the bride.

Grandpa proves he's still got the moves at…


Sunday morning I planned to take my camera downtown to Kerry Park and practice taking candid shots.  I was hoping to find a bench or step to use as a base and my subjects would be the tourists that mill around the area.  I forgot the Kelowna Apple Triathlon was on and the running portion followed the lake through Kerry Park and along the boardwalk, so tourists were a little more sparse. I did the milling instead.  
I chatted with a friendly woman from Nova Scotia, met a mother and daughter from Calgary, offered to take photos of families and couples and agreed happily to take photos when I was approached.    Sadly I forgot all about the Kangaroo Farm when a group from Edmonton asked me to recommend something to do besides boating.  I did direct them to the Downtown Kelowna Kiosk near Earl's. With luck there was info about it there. I had an enlightening conversation with Dalton, the friendly and charismatic panhandler who is a fixture on the north end of Bernard.  I cheered on th…