Sunday morning I planned to take my camera downtown to Kerry Park and practice taking candid shots.  I was hoping to find a bench or step to use as a base and my subjects would be the tourists that mill around the area.  I forgot the Kelowna Apple Triathlon was on and the running portion followed the lake through Kerry Park and along the boardwalk, so tourists were a little more sparse. I did the milling instead.  

I chatted with a friendly woman from Nova Scotia, met a mother and daughter from Calgary, offered to take photos of families and couples and agreed happily to take photos when I was approached.    Sadly I forgot all about the Kangaroo Farm when a group from Edmonton asked me to recommend something to do besides boating.  I did direct them to the Downtown Kelowna Kiosk near Earl's. With luck there was info about it there. I had an enlightening conversation with Dalton, the friendly and charismatic panhandler who is a fixture on the north end of Bernard.  I cheered on the dedicated triathletes and brought water to one of the volunteers wilting in the heat as she cheered and directed the runners around a corner.

It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning and though I didn't get to work as much on the particular skills I'd hoped, any practice with my new camera is good practice.  Here's a few of my faves.


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