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Throwback Thursday

Here's a photo from our trip to Kauai two years ago when we did an open door helicopter tour.  We won't be doing that again this year, but looking forward to visiting Tunnels Beach shown here.

Through the Years

On March 1st, Hubby and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary by watching the sun set from the patio of The Beach House restaurant in Poipu, Kauai. This past weekend I collected some photos to chronicle our romance that began June 9th, 1984.  I feel so lucky to have this man as my life partner and the father of our amazing children.  I can't imagine where I'd be without him.  I am eternally grateful for him and whatever gods, angels, twist of fate, or fortune cookie brought him into my life.
June 9, 1984 - Guelph Ontario
March 1, 1986 - Whitby Ontario
October 1986 - U of G
December 1987 - Saanich BC
August 1988 - Saanich BC
December 1990 - Whitby Ontario
December 1992 -  Peterborough Ontario
July 1993 - a cabin in the Kawarthas, Ontario
July 1995 - Oak Lake Ontario
1997 ish - Kelowna
2000 ish - Kelowna
 2002 ish - Kelowna
2003 - Whistler

January 2005 - St. Maarten
July 2005 - Tofino
2006? - Kelowna
February 2007 Grenada
February 2007 - Mayreau

I Spy Week 5

Week 5 on the photo a week challenge was "I Spy".  When the kids were little we would get the "I Spy" books from the library.  It made me think about taking a photo of some sort of object collage.  I also thought about taking a photo through something round, or through a window.  Then I saw some early snowdrops and thought Aha...I Spy spring!

A Photo a Week

My son and his girlfriend made me a very cool gift this past Christmas.  They created a box of weekly photo prompts and included a gift certificate from Blurb, my favourite photobook company.  It's been a creative and thoughtful few weeks and I thought I'd share what I have so far.
Week 1:  Joy

There were a lot of people enjoying themselves in Stuart Park in January, but these two lovebirds caught my attention.

 Week 2:  Free Choice

I had a very interesting chat with 87 year old Johanne, whose photo I have added to my 100 strangers collection. Originally from Montreal, she moved to Ontario and then to British Columbia where she attended UBC and became a nurse at the age of fifty-two.  As a fifty three year old woman who's most common uttered phrase start "where's my...." I am extremely impressed.  Johanne's traveled extensively through the U.S. and Europe, including three trips to Italy and I believe her most recent trip was to Turkey.  She's a bus…