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Enjoying Alpine Meadows Resort

Serenity Now!

Alpine Meadows Resort is located about twenty minutes south of the village of Clearwater along a bumpy and windy dirt road.

The main lodge.
Our cabin 
This really was a lovely start to our Wells  Gray vacation.  There was enough to do nearby to fill two days and it really was more luxurious than we expected.  We had booked it last minute as our original plans for the first two days fell through.  In hindsight it would have been a nice way to end the trip.  I sure would have appreciated soaking in the hot tub the day after that three and half hour horseback ride. 
 The view from our deck.  Hallamore Lake is about a ten minute walk down the hill.

The start of a delicious dinner at the Boathouse Restaurant
 Early evening on Hallamore Lake
Watching the sky turn pink from the hot tub.  
The next morning, from my meditation spot.
If I had to use one word to describe Alpine Meadows I would say "serene".  It was so very, very peaceful.  The resort seemed nearly full b…

Drop In For A Bite

Before we ran our Saturday morning errands this past weekend, we headed out to the East Kelowna orchards, bound for Bite Me Organics.  I'd heard owner Robyn King on Radio West earlier in the week and I was keen to purchase some of her peaches for Aunt Lily's Peach Marmalade.  The first photo below isn't Bite Me Organics, but is one of the many orchards found in East Kelowna.

The peach orchard is located at 2934 Dunsmuir Road off East Kelowna Road.  Check their website to see when they're open as they do have set times.  I hadn't heard the entire interview so I showed up on Thursday morning but nobody was there.   I did have a little peek around the yard and was really smitten with the barn and lovely house amid the gorgeous flower gardens and fruit trees.  There's something about east Kelowna that's just so inviting.

Bite Me Organics is a small family run orchard with four varieties of peaches and five varieties of apples.  Most of the work is done by Roby…

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

Yesterday, what began as "We should do lunch sometime," turned into a four hour leisurely nosh and wine tasting at a Westbank winery.  My friend Val had recently celebrated a birthday so a winery visit was definitely in order.  We wanted to keep it on the west side of the bridge and we both enjoy Asian cuisine so Volcanic Hills fit the bill.

I'm not going to go into a bunch of detail about the winery because their website does an excellent job of all that.  It does, unfortunately do a very poor job of telling you where the place is located.  I clicked on "Visiting the tasting room" and it directed me to take "A quick turn off Boucherie Road".  Really?  How far along Boucherie Road and from which end?  I really get annoyed by websites that want you to go on a scavenger hunt to find their address.  I'm on the site because I already know I want to go there, please just tell me where you are.  Eight paragraphs later, under "Hours of Operation&quo…