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Before we ran our Saturday morning errands this past weekend, we headed out to the East Kelowna orchards, bound for Bite Me Organics.  I'd heard owner Robyn King on Radio West earlier in the week and I was keen to purchase some of her peaches for Aunt Lily's Peach Marmalade.  The first photo below isn't Bite Me Organics, but is one of the many orchards found in East Kelowna.

The peach orchard is located at 2934 Dunsmuir Road off East Kelowna Road.  Check their website to see when they're open as they do have set times.  I hadn't heard the entire interview so I showed up on Thursday morning but nobody was there.   I did have a little peek around the yard and was really smitten with the barn and lovely house amid the gorgeous flower gardens and fruit trees.  There's something about east Kelowna that's just so inviting.

Bite Me Organics is a small family run orchard with four varieties of peaches and five varieties of apples.  Most of the work is done by Robyn, her husband Richard, and their grown children.  With eleven acres of fruit trees grown using organic methods, this sounds like quite a daunting task for a family.  Timing is everything as they say.  The five apple varieties all ripen at different times, though I'm sure it's still a lot of work.  I don't think we give our farmers enough credit (or cash!) for the hard work they do to provide us with the necessities of life.

Robyn has spruced up the barn by displaying paintings by local artists.  

Harbright Peaches

The front garden

Lovely views from the front garden.

You can also find Bite Me Organics on Facebook if you'd like to leave some comments or have questions about their latest harvest.


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