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Taking a Peak

This morning Donna and the dogs and I headed up the south mission slopes to Kuiper's Peak. The trail we took was a short 1 km stretch (2 km if you walk back on the trail rather than the road) of what will become an 11 km trail system that's part of The Ponds Mission Real Estate Development.
It's a short walk that has some beautiful views of the lake and the mountains that were ravaged by the Okanagan Mountain Park fire in 2003.

Grateful it's Monday Once Again

Today I'm feeling particularly grateful that:

the box I sent via Greyhound from Whitby to Kelowna arrived safe and sound with with my mom's old photo album and hundred's of slides.  Paul Simon was right, Kodachrome gives those nice bright colours.  Even after almost 50 years they are vibrant and rich.  Can't wait to convert them to jpegs and get a good look at them.

My friend Ann and her wife have come to Kelowna for a visit.  They're staying with another couple, but all four of them came for dinner last night and it was a great evening with lots of laughter, garlic, and a few rounds of Canados .
I am Canadian.  We may not be perfect but we're not bad, eh?
I can talk to my Dad almost any time I want for free.  Even though he's over 3,000 km away he sounds like he's right next door.
I received my WSET Level 1 Award in Wines certificate today.  I passed the exam with a 90%.
I met with the accountant today to figure out where I went wrong on my last reco…

Water Water Everywhere

In almost 50 years of living I've only spent 4 of them in a city that wasn't on a lake. That realization makes me feel very lucky.  Though we all know you can't survive very long without water to drink, I believe water is also essential to our psychological and spiritual well being.

When we go on vacation, or dream about our ideal get away, how often  is water a part of the picture?  And speaking of pictures, when  we are told to "go to our happy place" how many of us picture a scenario with a calm pool of water, softly lapping waves, or a gentle trickling stream.  
I thought I'd share some of the photos I took on the Victoria Day weekend at Whitby's Heydenshore Park.  It really gave me a thrill to see so many people doing so many different things, down by the water.

Simple Gratitude

I caught an interview with Neil Pasricha on Canada  AM this morning.  Neil wrote the blog 1,000 Awesome Things and if you've never read it, check it out. It really is...well..awesome! I discovered it around Awesome Thing number 300.  He turned it into a book last year, and I highly recommend having it on hand.  It reminds me of how it's the simple things in life that make it so special.  Since today is Gratitude Monday, it was perfect timing to encourage me to think about the little things I'm thankful for.
Today I'm grateful for:
the very special time I've spent with my father these past few weeks.

the beautiful weather allowing for our daily walks in the neighbourhood or along the shore of Lake Ontario.

that I was able to see the CN tower from Heydenshore Park almost thirty miles away (yeah, I know you haters want to be horrified by the smog, but it also has to do with distance, light and temperature - bloddy hot here today!).

discovering things about my fath…


It's been a busy couple of weeks here at my Dad's.  Despite the fact that the Salvation Army picked up 40 boxes from us last year, I've managed to pack another twenty so far.  It's been interesting going through so many things that bring back wonderful family memories.  I'm sad to say the shelves in the buffet contained no trace of the "Mad Men" cocktail glasses I remember my parents drinking from the 60's.

I've culled the photos in eight photo albums, two dresser drawers, and yesterday I happened to look in the large box that turned out to be filled with photos.  I think I come by my love of photography through nature and nurture.
We've been working on decluttering and "home staging" for the time when the house will be up for sale.  Today after I boxed up all the extra stuff in the linen closet I was so pleased with the result I had to take a photo.
Unfortunately I didn't take a before photo.  It was crammed pretty full with to…

Memories of Comfort Food

I don't know where it came from, but this is one of my favourite childhood lunches.  It likely originated in the maritimes where my parents grew up. Perhaps you don't really want the recipe, it certainly doesn't look all that appealing, but I'll share anyway. 

Open a can of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, put it in a pot, add half a can of milk, and whisk until combined.  While waiting for it to heat, make toast.  Cut the toast into strips and cut the strips in to squares.  (In the old days we would have buttered the toast.) Put squares in the bottom of a bowl, pour half the soup into the bowl and garnish with ketchup in the shape of a favourite letter.   Do you have a favourite childhood comfort food you'd like to share?

Grateful for Past, Present and Future

I've been here in Ontario for a little over a week now, hanging out with my Dad and visiting with friends.  Though the old highschool "gang" is scattered across the globe, a few still remain in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  It warms my heart to be able to contact them without warning when I arrive and after almost 30 years of very infrequent visits, hear them ask "When can we get together?" 

I'm so grateful to have gotten to know this terrific group of people (we miss you so much Colin).  I moved here in the middle of Grade 11 and it took me a good year before I discovered where I belonged.  Best thing that could have happened to me. They were and are awesome!

Today on Gratitude Monday, I'm also thankful for the flexibility in my life that allows me to help my Dad when he needs me.

I'm thankful for Shelly Purdy who met me in the burbs rather than making me come all the way into her studio via Go-train and subway.  I'm very excited about the…

Watch the Birdie!

Here's a few of the creatures that made their way through my Dad's backyard this afternoon.

Chair vs Dress

I was sorting through photos and slides today and came across this picture of my Mom taken Christmas 1971.  Even with the garish floral print on the couch and the busy pattern on the dress grabbing your attention, you can't help but be drawn to her beautiful smile.  Love the "Breck Girl" hairdoo!

Thank You For Being A Friend

There was something so very compelling about this scene in a friend's family room that I just had to take a photograph when I was there the other day. 

Today on Gratitude Monday I'm feeling very thankful for the wonderful, supportive people I have in my life. 

151.  I'm grateful for my Aunt Linda.  Her strength, wisdom and kindess continue to help us carry on.

152.  I'm thankful for Laurel whose online support and wisdom have helped me through some challenging times.

153.  Lesley who always makes me feel welcome and comfortable.  She's caring, generous and has a talent for knowing what you need, even when you might not.

154.  I'm so happy for longer days which signal more frequent gatherings of wonderful friends known as the Friday Night Happy Hour gang.

155.  I'm thankful for Donna who listens with encouragement and patience as I whine my way up Knox, and shares my love of a good latte and a Spanish vacation.

156.  I so appreciate the ladies of book clu…

Thanks Mom

Lately there's been something on my mind causing me a bit of worry.  I had a phone conversation this morning that eased my mind a bit and after the call, I took the dogs for a walk on the Mission Greenway.  I had my eye out for what I call the Faerie Tree and it didn't seem like it was where it was supposed to be.  
I began to worry that some vandal had cut the tree down. Finally it came into view, bathed in early morning sunlight. A broad smile stretched across my face when I saw how it was decorated and I took a quick photo with my iPhone.  
My mom collected things with butterflies on them and   when I see a butterfly, I can't help but think of her. They often appear at times of stress and when they do, I feel like she's telling me everything will be alright.

Nature on Knox

We weren't worried about seeing the grizzly when my husband and I  hiked Knox this morning but I thought we should bring the dogs just in case.  We kept them on leash because I knew if Max got sight of the bear, he'd be more likely to get us attacked than protect us.  As it was it took a strong arm to restrain Max when he and Pitou noticed the three deer that crossed our path and the two that melted into the woods after them.

One seemed particularly curious.

Pinkie Revisited

I couldn't miss the opportunity to take a photograph of my favourite magnolia tree, one year later.  This Pinkie Magnolia was the first photo I posted on this blog one year ago today.  Many people have said that the growing season is behind schedule this year.  I'm not sure how to tell for sure, but when you compare this photo with last year's post, I'd say the magnolia growing season appear to be ahead of schedule.