Water Water Everywhere

In almost 50 years of living I've only spent 4 of them in a city that wasn't on a lake. That realization makes me feel very lucky.  Though we all know you can't survive very long without water to drink, I believe water is also essential to our psychological and spiritual well being.

When we go on vacation, or dream about our ideal get away, how often  is water a part of the picture?  And speaking of pictures, when  we are told to "go to our happy place" how many of us picture a scenario with a calm pool of water, softly lapping waves, or a gentle trickling stream.  

I thought I'd share some of the photos I took on the Victoria Day weekend at Whitby's Heydenshore Park.  It really gave me a thrill to see so many people doing so many different things, down by the water.


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful area! Love what you said about the importance of water for our well-being, not just our health :-)


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