Grateful it's Monday Once Again

Today I'm feeling particularly grateful that:

the box I sent via Greyhound from Whitby to Kelowna arrived safe and sound with with my mom's old photo album and hundred's of slides.  Paul Simon was right, Kodachrome gives those nice bright colours.  Even after almost 50 years they are vibrant and rich.  Can't wait to convert them to jpegs and get a good look at them.

My friend Ann and her wife have come to Kelowna for a visit.  They're staying with another couple, but all four of them came for dinner last night and it was a great evening with lots of laughter, garlic, and a few rounds of Canados .

I am Canadian.  We may not be perfect but we're not bad, eh?

I can talk to my Dad almost any time I want for free.  Even though he's over 3,000 km away he sounds like he's right next door.

I received my WSET Level 1 Award in Wines certificate today.  I passed the exam with a 90%.

I met with the accountant today to figure out where I went wrong on my last reconciliation.   Looks like it was just a mistake on a date; a very easy fix!


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