It's been a busy couple of weeks here at my Dad's.  Despite the fact that the Salvation Army picked up 40 boxes from us last year, I've managed to pack another twenty so far.  It's been interesting going through so many things that bring back wonderful family memories.  I'm sad to say the shelves in the buffet contained no trace of the "Mad Men" cocktail glasses I remember my parents drinking from the 60's.

I've culled the photos in eight photo albums, two dresser drawers, and yesterday I happened to look in the large box that turned out to be filled with photos.  I think I come by my love of photography through nature and nurture.

We've been working on decluttering and "home staging" for the time when the house will be up for sale.  Today after I boxed up all the extra stuff in the linen closet I was so pleased with the result I had to take a photo.

Unfortunately I didn't take a before photo.  It was crammed pretty full with towels, sheets, mattress covers and other linens and filled two good size boxes.

I'm be back again in August after my New York trip, but I don't think there'll be much left to do in the house.  Instead I'll look forward to wandering around down town and take photographs of the lovely old brick buildings that I'll likely never see again.



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    1. Me too Lilly! My determination to do the same thing in my own home is renewed!


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