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Urban Harvest

As October comes to a close, so does the last of Kelowna's fruit and vegetable markets.  I'll likely make a last trip to Don-O-Ray next week to stock up on potatoes and peppers and to pick a pumpkin to carve for halloween.  
As for the winter months it's back to Urban Harvest for their outstanding organic fruit and veggies.  Yesterday I received my first bin of the season,  delivered right to my front door.  If you've been following along you'll know how much I dislike shopping, and the fact that this cuts down on the time spent wandering the aisles of the Stupor Store is one of the many reasons I love Urban Harvest.
Each week they send me a list of their recommended fruits and veggies and I can go with their selection, or make some adjustments to suit my own needs. The produce is organic and on the rare occasion they have something to offer that's not, they make it very clear on the order form.  During the summer and fall most of their foods are locally sourc…

The Thanks Giving Tree

I decided to put a little twist on The Wishing Tree and created a Thanks Giving Tree for the month of October.  I instructed people to use the tags to share something they were grateful for.

Autumn winds and rain have taken their toll.  This afternoon I decided it was best to remove things, as most tags were completely saturated and many were flying about the neighbourhood. 

I was again, pleasantly surprised at the large number of people who participated, and the small number that chose to write inappropriate things.  Then again who am I to judge what is inappropriate?  I left all the tags up and found that the tree was self censoring.  Most of the raunchy ones disappeared by the time I collected them today.

Much gratitude to all who participated and a special thanks to the person who repaired the pencil box.
Here are the words of gratitute, in no particular order, with no editing to grammar and spelling. Some people wrote their names on the tags but since they probably didn't know th…

Wordless Wednesday


Waiting Impatiently

Winter is an etching, spring a water colour, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of it all.
Stanley Horowitz
We enjoyed some lovely warm temperatures in September and as the month came to a close I finally allowed myself to admit that Summer was over.
Still, I look forward to the sunny days yet to come, when low angled sunshine bathes everything in a soft golden hue.  The quality of the light and the colours are what I love most about Autumn and I'm grateful I live in a part of the world that experiences this magical time of year.

A quick scroll through my photos from previous years tells me we still have at least a week until things really get going.  Here are a few images  I've captured to hold me over in the meantime.