Urban Harvest

As October comes to a close, so does the last of Kelowna's fruit and vegetable markets.  I'll likely make a last trip to Don-O-Ray next week to stock up on potatoes and peppers and to pick a pumpkin to carve for halloween.  

As for the winter months it's back to Urban Harvest for their outstanding organic fruit and veggies.  Yesterday I received my first bin of the season,  delivered right to my front door.  If you've been following along you'll know how much I dislike shopping, and the fact that this cuts down on the time spent wandering the aisles of the Stupor Store is one of the many reasons I love Urban Harvest.

Each week they send me a list of their recommended fruits and veggies and I can go with their selection, or make some adjustments to suit my own needs. The produce is organic and on the rare occasion they have something to offer that's not, they make it very clear on the order form.  During the summer and fall most of their foods are locally sourced, which also makes me happy.

I remember when organic produce was first introduced to grocery stores and many people suggested that the fruits and veggies would be blemished and misshapen and the average consumer wouldn't purchase them.  Firstly, that insults the intelligence of the average consumer and secondly, it turned out to be untrue.  The produce I received yesterday looked so nice I wanted to serve all of it for dinner that night.  Luckily that's not necessary as it's so fresh it lasts easily through the week.  

As for the cost, yes it is more expensive that non-organic food, but I really believe it's worth it.  And at $4.00 a dozen,  the free range eggs are cheaper than any market I've visited.  If you want to save a little money prices are reduced at Urban Harvest's warehouse sale at 806 Crowley Avenue, Saturdays from 9-1.  I recommend you get there early, and bring cash or a cheque.

When I opened my bin yesterday I was dazzled by the colours and mouth watering quality of the contents.  I knew I had to take some photos and share it with as many people as I could.

 Such pretty colours!  The greens are a bag of arugula and some cilantro.

 Can't beat these beets!

 Some of the romas - perfection!

 The bin arrived while I was preparing soup, so I made immediate use of onions and carrots.

Apples and oranges and pears, oh my! 
There were also a couple of asian pears that didn't make it into the bowl for the photo.

  Wouldn't turnip my nose at this!

Beautiful broccoli!


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