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99 + 1

I was shocked to realize it's been almost a year a half since I posted.  It's been an active time for our family with ups and downs, trips and trauma, joy and sorrow.  But overall life is good and we recently spent a weekend on Salt Spring Island celebrating Reg's 100th birthday.  WOOT!

I have lost my photo mojo and my ability to tell if my pictures were in focus were severely hampered by the fact that I lost my glasses a couple of weeks before the big event.  I'm posting them anyway because I know there are many of you who would like to see how the festivities turned out.

VoilĂ ...

Black Sheep used bookstore on Salt Spring Island
Once again we stayed at the Beach House in Fulford Harbour this time with two extra guests. Next year there will be an additional little dumpling in Adam and Kayla's suite.

Young Men
Evan and Allie

Grandpa and Grandchildren Adam, Caroni, Evan, Nicole and Andrew
Youngs and honorary Youngs