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Because You Know I'm All About That Pump

Here's the bravest thing I've done as a Type 1 Diabetic.  I've written a little ditty about my pump to the tune of All About That Bass and recorded me singing it on my smart phone while playing the YouTube karaoke version on my computer.  You might expect more from a "professional" singer, but it's just not in a good key for me, so the singing's not my best. I guess I could have just posted the lyrics, but I think you need to hear how the words fit the music.  And it was fun!

I also wanted to make it clear that "it's all about that pump" for me in my own personal experience.  I'm not saying it's the best way for everyone.  Some T1's don't like the thought of something attached to them at all times.  I know a blogger who took a holiday from her pump and found she could get good control without it and hasn't gone back.  I have a friend whose father was diagnosed in the 1940's and is quite happy without having tried one…