Thank You For Being A Friend

There was something so very compelling about this scene in a friend's family room that I just had to take a photograph when I was there the other day. 

Today on Gratitude Monday I'm feeling very thankful for the wonderful, supportive people I have in my life. 

151.  I'm grateful for my Aunt Linda.  Her strength, wisdom and kindess continue to help us carry on.

152.  I'm thankful for Laurel whose online support and wisdom have helped me through some challenging times.

153.  Lesley who always makes me feel welcome and comfortable.  She's caring, generous and has a talent for knowing what you need, even when you might not.

154.  I'm so happy for longer days which signal more frequent gatherings of wonderful friends known as the Friday Night Happy Hour gang.

155.  I'm thankful for Donna who listens with encouragement and patience as I whine my way up Knox, and shares my love of a good latte and a Spanish vacation.

156.  I so appreciate the ladies of book club who make me: laugh, eat too much garlic, drink good red wine, read some interesting books, clean my house once a year and feel proud to be a woman!

157.  I'm very grateful every day for my husband and best friend who makes me feel so lucky.


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