Thanks Mom

Lately there's been something on my mind causing me a bit of worry.  I had a phone conversation this morning that eased my mind a bit and after the call, I took the dogs for a walk on the Mission Greenway.  I had my eye out for what I call the Faerie Tree and it didn't seem like it was where it was supposed to be.  

I began to worry that some vandal had cut the tree down. Finally it came into view, bathed in early morning sunlight. A broad smile stretched across my face when I saw how it was decorated and I took a quick photo with my iPhone.  

My mom collected things with butterflies on them and   when I see a butterfly, I can't help but think of her. They often appear at times of stress and when they do, I feel like she's telling me everything will be alright.


  1. That is so amazing!! Wonderful sign of reassurance! I showed your dad and he got me to print it up. He liked it! Auntie


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