A Photo a Week

My son and his girlfriend made me a very cool gift this past Christmas.  They created a box of weekly photo prompts and included a gift certificate from Blurb, my favourite photobook company.  It's been a creative and thoughtful few weeks and I thought I'd share what I have so far.

Week 1:  Joy

There were a lot of people enjoying themselves in Stuart Park in January, but these two lovebirds caught my attention.

 Week 2:  Free Choice

I had a very interesting chat with 87 year old Johanne, whose photo I have added to my 100 strangers collection. Originally from Montreal, she moved to Ontario and then to British Columbia where she attended UBC and became a nurse at the age of fifty-two.  As a fifty three year old woman who's most common uttered phrase start "where's my...." I am extremely impressed.  Johanne's traveled extensively through the U.S. and Europe, including three trips to Italy and I believe her most recent trip was to Turkey.  She's a busy woman who rises at 6 a.m. each morning and after breakfast goes to church where she prays and says her rosary.  She attends mass every day and by one o'clock on Tuesday afternoons, she's across the street from Kelowna General Hospital with a small group of dedicated Right To Life advocates.

I thought this photo fit week two's theme well because it's my belief that every woman has the freedom to choose what's right for herself and her body, including the freedom to choose to protest in  support of her beliefs. 

Week 3:  Self Portrait

Sometimes gravity is your friend.

Week 4:  Flat

Week four was my most challenging week so far.  I didn't just want to photograph a flat piece of land or water.  On a sunny day last week I took some time to visit a few favourite photography spots from the summer.  I had no theme in mind, but when I looked back on the results, I realized the flat tire made for a creative choice for week four's theme.

Week 5:  I Spy

This week could turn out to be a challenging one as well, but I do have a couple of ideas... if you live in my neighbourhood, you might want to keep your curtains closed.


  1. I always admire your photos. The two lovebirds captures the moment of simple happiness very well. And you were right. Adam HAS got your eyes

  2. I really like your self-portrait. Tell Mike that he's a lucky man & should treat you like a gift from God!
    Can you remind me of what make & model camera you use. I've forgotten the details of your lenses too. I may be in the market for a camera in the not so distant future. My old one has packed it in. I'd like to be able to learn to get some good shots as my limited artistic skill does not stretch to realism.

    1. LOL! I will pass your comment on to Mike. I have a Nikon D610 but it's really way more camera than I need. And very heavy which is not good for my weak and clumsy hands. FYI the self portrait was taken with my Samsung Galaxy 6. It's stuck on the setting "beauty face", which I can't seem to turn off, which seems to give it a softer focus so you don't see the wrinkles!

  3. Go on, Suzan...there are NO wrinkles. Thanks for the info. The Samsung Galaxy 6 is a rival to the iPhone, is it not? What a good quality mobile can do these days is remarkable.


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