Some of our Christmas Traditions

Photography has taken the backseat in my life as of late, in fact it might not even be in the car.  It seems to be stuck in the rickety trailer being pulled along behind me, careening around curves and rattling along my current path.  I did manage to use my iPhone to capture a few moments for family members unable to join us this year.  It was a cozy family Christmas with Adam visiting from Vancouver, and Nicole and her roommate staying over Christmas Eve.

Our mishmash Christmas Tree with every ornament we can fit.  
I am always amazed by how lovely it turns out to be without being "staged".

Christmas Eve dinner:
Tourtiere and French Onion Soup.

 Getting ready for a Christmas Eve tradition my Mom started 
about ten years ago:  The dollar store steal the present game.

 The Santa and Rudolph treat.

A new tradition?:  Mom and Dad spoiled by Santa

I think this is the third year for this tradition:  Christmas morning Rolo hot chocolate 
with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles...might be a little Bailey's in there too.

This is a tradition I started this year.  We usually have someone staying with us when Christmas is held at our house, so I thought I would make them an ornament to remember their visit.  Then I thought why not make two and they could hang one on our tree leaving us a reminder too! 

Christmas pudding or Nana's Carrot Pudding as it's 
called in our house, traditionally made my Adam and me.

The forgetting tradition:  Forgot to put these out on the table until 
well after dinner (but i did remember the buns Stephanie!)

 And of course you know about the Post Christmas dinner hair trim.


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