Hello Fifty!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a big one.  I turned fifty and discovered it is true, things get better with age.  It's not an exaggeration to say this was my best birthday ever.  It's the first one in many years that I was able to spend with both kids and my husband, and we spent the day doing some of my favourite thing together.

I'm sure it's not a coincidence that my last name is Wood and that's where I like to spend my time.  Everything about it fills my soul.  I've wanted to take my family on a hike of the Scenic Canyon trail for two years now.  I really wanted them to experience this beautiful and varied landscape and the payoff at the base of  Layer Cake Mountain is an incredible, hidden canyon that you probably wouldn't ever see unless someone told you about it.

Layer Cake Mountain

The steering wheel still works....we should be able to drive it out!
After we dropped our daughter at her place to do some reading for her Art History course, we headed onto the lake along with a friend of my son that he's known since grade school.  After spending time in the woods, my second favourite spot is spending time on the water.

Bestest Hubby
The Sleeping Lady watches over us.
The happy birthday girl
Kickin' back Okanagan Style
The highlight of the afternoon was watching my son and his friend try waterskiing for the first time at the tender age of 25.  I think they're hooked!

Eating good food is another one of my favourite things to do.  A perfect ending to the best day ever was a delicious meal with my family at Manteo's Wild Apple Grill.

Eighteen Hour Braised Beef Shortribs


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