The Financial District

This post follows day two of our Landmark Birthday Trip. To recap, there were six women on this trip altogether.  Three of us were from Kelowna and three from Vancouver, linked by Tracy (Kelowna) and Lara (Vancouver) who had known each other since they were kids in northern British Columbia.

On our second day in New York we began by finishing the hop-on-hop off bus downtown tour on our way to The World Trade Centre Memorial.

The Flatiron Building

Flatiron Detail
Flatiron side view

Above the entrance to the original Macy's

We signed up for a guided tour of the World Trade Centre Memorial, which I highly recommend and I intend to do a post dedicated to that very soon.  Here are a few of the photos in the meantime.

This J. Seward Johnson sculpture "Double Check" is located in the refurbished Liberty Square across from the World Trade Centre site.  It's also sometimes called "The Survivor".  Click here to see a photo taken in it's original Liberty Square location the day after the 9/11 tragedy.

The Freedom Tower, almost complete

Our tour guide Vic
One of the two memorial fountains that fill the
footprints of the original World Trade Centre buildings.

Our next stop was quick lunch at pizza place next to the 9/11 Memorial museum. Between the high carb white flour dough and the high fat cheese and meat toppings, pizza is not the best food to have when you're an insulin dependent diabetic, but I did some fancy calculating and  programming with my pump and dubbed it insulin worthy.  It was well worth the effort and I had a piece with everything on it.  Delicious!!!
After lunch the Kelowna tourists visited the nearby St. Paul's Chapel,

and Trinity Church...

...while the Vancouver gals went to the nearby Century 21 bargain department store to pick up a few necessities.  Unfortunately their luggage had gone astray on it's way across the States as had some of the contents.  We met up and walked south to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and sailed back and forth  across the Hudson.

We took in some great views of the Manhattan Skyline, Union Island and the Statue of Liberty.  With our busy schedule I had no desire to try to shoehorn Ellis Island into my visit, especially since the interior of Lady Liberty was being renovated and we would only be able to look at her from the outside.  If you do want to get a close look at her, the Ferry isn't the best way.  My photographs were taken with a 200mm zoom lens and without using the maximum zoom she was pretty small.  If you don't want to actually go to Ellis Island I'd recommending doing one of the Cruises that are included with your hop on hop off bus pass.

Tracy and Lara, the two that brought us all together

After we returned to the mainland the Vancouver ladies headed to Chinatown's Canal Street scouting out more bargains and we Kelowna ladies followed slowly behind them taking our time through the Financial District with plans to meet for dinner somewhere in Chinatown.

It was quite difficult to get a good shot of the Bull, so I had to settle for a bull nose python instead...

The Stock Exchange

City Hall

The Law and Order building (yup, that's what it's called!)

All that's missing is the violin case :)

The following photographs were taken on and near Canal Street in Chinatown

...and it WAS excellent!

The inaugural visit to what became "our" bar:  The Irish Pub on 7th Avenue that's what I call extra olives!


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