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Yesterday I was searching my blog to see if I've ever done a "How to can tomatoes" post when I stumbled upon an old post with a fun little exercise called "Taking Stock".  My immediate thought was that it would be fun to take stock again one year later and it was too bad we'd already passed the date.   It seems my brain had already jumped into October for some reason.  Even when I double checked the date (Yesterday was September 25 and the post was September 26), it still took a few minutes for my mind to settle into the realization that serendipity had intervened once more.  

I'm posting this more as an opportunity for you to do the same thing, rather than thinking anyone but my family would care about my results... in fact I'm sure some of my family members wouldn't care either.  It's been interesting to see how some things have changed a lot but others remain the same. If you decide to do one for yourself, try not to over think and fill in the first thing that comes to mind.

Taking Stock

Making: time for things that are a priority.
Cooking: Caldo Verde and other savoury soups  to comfort us in the cold weather.

Drinking: Tea.  Bengal Spice seems appropriate while I'm working on a memoir set in India.
Reading: Esi Edugyan's first book "The Second Life of Samuel Tyne". The writing is exquisite and inspiring! 
Wanting: to find a good editor.
Looking: is the name of a TV show I binge watched On Demand last Saturday.  Enjoyed the characters and the story line but I'm not a fan of any explicit stuff no matter who it is, so had to be quick on the fast forward.
Playing: 1950's housewife with some millennial sensibilities
Wasting: Time.  Same as always.
Sewing: Lent my sewing machine to my daughter yesterday so buttons will be the only thing I'm sewing for a bit. 

Wishing: I could give up coffee.
Enjoying: hands that don't feel swollen and achey.  Could it be a result of the Coenzyme Q10 that I'm taking?

Waiting: for next week when I'll find time to capture this golden Autumn.
Liking: that I may come in well under the wire on my self imposed deadline.
Wondering: when my foot will be better so I can go hiking.
Loving: my family.
Hoping: that the dishwasher will be installed this weekend.
Marvelling: at how many dishes two people can use in a day.
Needing: boots that will fit my orthotics
Smelling: Italian Wedding Soup
Wearing: Jeans and a cotton shirt... brb I need to find a sweater.
Following: nobody on Twitter.  Deleted my account last month without ever tweeting.
Noticing: that I didn't miss Facebook and it didn't miss me.
Knowing: "that your door is always open and your path is free to walk" (Glen Campbell - Gentle on my Mind)

Thinking: too much.
Bookmarking :  sites re: our winter vacation.
Opening: my big mouth a little less.
Giggling: at The People's couch.  My guilty pleasure.
Feeling: surprisingly calm when all things are considered.


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