August 17th: Trails, Jiggers, and Beaches

Wednesday morning we set out to hike the Lighthouse Loop of the Wild Pacific Trail. It's a fairly easy 2.5 km trek that winds its way atop a craggy shoreline, with views of Barkley Sound and the Broken Islands, past Amphitrite Lighthouse, through dense forest and along a rocky beach...not necessarily in that order.

We started our walk late in the morning and by the time we were finished it was almost noon so we stopped at the highly recommended Jigger's fish and chip truck.

I'm not a lover of seafood but I do like Halibut and this was the best fish and chips I've ever eaten.  Since we showed up just before opening, (you could see them cutting the fresh chips by hand), we got the first fry of the day. It was a truly delicious lightly battered, tender, non greasy sit-down restaurant quality meal.  At $14 for one piece, and $18 for two, it's certainly the most I've paid for food from a chip wagon, but this would beat the fish and chips I've eaten at Kelowna's RauDZ any day - in both quality and quantity - and RauDZ is twice the price.  If we were ever lucky enough to return, we'd have the two piece to split between us, there's lots of meat, a generous helping of coleslaw and lots of fries for two....maybe I'd need an extra tartar sauce though.

We definitely needed a walk after that feast and headed back to Long Beach, this time heading south from Incinerator Rock.  We found lots of empty crab and  sea shells and a couple of stranded star fish and a beached seal starting to decay. It was hard to keep Pitou from rolling on top of it, but we managed to distract him with a stick.

We ended the day with a   dinner at  the Wickanninish Restaurant where we had a relaxing meal accompanied by a couple of glasses of wine, shared a chocolatey dessert and watched the sun set over Wickanninish Bay.


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