An Old Dog Up To His Old Tricks

My father-in-law is man of many contradictions.  Despite the fact that he was a hunter in the 30's, he does love animals.  It's people he's not so big on, or so he says.  "I'm a loner" he states in a matter-of-fact tone, "I could live quite happily on my own."  But actions speak louder than words.  He's accompanied me on many errands around town since he arrived on Thursday and he seems to do quite well when it comes to people, or at  least one sex in particular.

If there's a attractive woman in the vicinity Reg seeks her out and finds a way to draw her into conversation.  Over the past few days we've met  Charlene, Lana, Kristen, Joyce, Laura, Abby, Sonia, Agnes, the lady who asked his advice on bananas in the grocery store and the lady who chatted him up at the dog park this morning.  It all starts out quite simply, leading to his admission that he's "...only 93".

The next thing I know she's staring at him with rapt attention while he tells her stories of tiger hunting in India or the time he lay stranded in a Burmese jungle at deaths door, deep in the throes of malaria, while a boa slithered up to his side, flicking a forked tongue in his direction to determine whether or not he was healthy enough to be eaten.  He knows how to compliment a woman and how make her laugh no matter what her age.  There's no doubt the exchange brings both parties pleasure.   As far as not caring much for thinks he doth protest too much.


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