What the Dogs (and I) Saw

The poopers and I took an extended walk along Mission Ridge this morning, accompanied by my new Samsung S6.  I've been an iPhone gal since I bowed to the social pressures and bought a cell phone five years ago.  I switched to the Samsung since I wanted a bigger screen -  as I get older, it's become more challenging to read incoming texts.

I've been hobbling along with the shattered screen on my iPhone for a few weeks now, thinking because of the length of my contract, I wouldn't get a deal on a new phone for at least another month.  Turns out there are lots of deals on at Bell Mobility right now, and likely other carriers as well.  The $699 phone ended up costing me $25.

Here's what we saw with the new Samsung.

Here there be deer!

The long hike takes us up to Westpoint Drive to IMHO an area overpriced homes.  This is what happens when it takes many years to sell out a subdivision.  You have this:

Next to this:

It's taken a couple of summers, but we will soon lose the area where Pitou and Max like to tear around in the sand.  As I said in my Mission Ridge Blues post, people have to live somewhere.  Here's a link to a video I posted of Max and Pitou that gives you a good "before" view. From what I can tell, there aren't many lots that will have the view pictured on the sign.  And they must be pretty pricey because as you can see in the the smaller sign, none of them have sold.

I really appreciate the fact that the developer allowed for a path to get around the new subdivision - or maybe it was the City.  Either way, I'm grateful.

The good news is at the end of the gravel path you turn left into this:

The view from the bench

"You coming or what?"

Pooh and Piglet


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