Gratitude Two Point Oh

Today on Gratitude Monday, I am thankful for so many blessings; for health and family and friends, and I'm thinking about all the terrific things the internet has brought into my life.  Today  I'm grateful:

118.  for Blogspot that allows me to share my photos and express myself to friends and strangers around the world.  It's amazing to see I have hits from far away countries like Russia, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Chilli, Malaysia, Latvia, Australia, Columbia, and Germany to name a few.

119.  also for how blogspot has connected me with some creative and inspirational people like Lilly at Feellovdeveryday and momof8 and all those cooking blogs!

120.  for Facebook for reuniting me with Lea.

121.  for Kijiji that helped us find Pitou down in OK Falls and Max just a few blocks away from our house.

122.  for Pinterest that lets me see the bigger picture.  I go on the computer with a purpose.  I don't really surf much, but thanks to Pinterest I'm seeing and reading some neat and inspirational things.

123.  for all the websites out there that help me with my research for Reg's memoir.  I can only imagine how difficult and time consuming it would have been to get this information from books and journals in the library.  I never would have connected with Keith from Wales who linked me to his collection of photos taken at the Larkhill Royal Artillery Range in the 1930's when my father in law was actually there.

124. for the website Blurb that has allowed me to collect my memories in some beautiful coffee table books.  The Oregon Coast is now complete.  Have a peek here.  I recommend you click on the full screen option which is the square icon after "buy" and "info" along the bottom.


  1. I am so blessed to know you, my sweet friend, Suzan! Thanks so much for the shout-out - xxoo. I, too, am grateful for blogspot and how they have made it so very easy to give us a platform and allow us to make connections around the world. All for free, too!!!


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