Ten Months And Counting

Today our big galoot is ten months old.  Max and I have had some struggles this past month.  He's become  what I used to refer to as "mother deaf".  Recall is an issue.  I also had to ground him from the dog park last week because he was vigorously humping everything in sight a little too enthusiastic in his dog greetings.   

The countdown in my title references the fact that he'll be getting neutered just after his first birthday.  This may improve the situation, but it's no guarantee.  While away from the dog park we spent some time at home working on recall and I think/hope he's turned a corner.  He's really improved off leash when we run into other dogs on Mission Ridge, and we both had a really nice time at the dog park on Tuesday.   I think my little pup is growing up.  Have a look at these two photos of him with my daughter to see just how big he's gotten in less than eight months.  I think he's finally grown into his feet.

Max at ten weeks

Max at ten months


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