A Three Gallery Tour

My errand running this afternoon turned into a tour of Art Galleries.  First I stopped on Pandosy at SOPA, where the 7th annual U8 exhibit is on with the goal to "...promote appreciation of original art to the public by making it affordable; and to promote the exceptional work of many local artists, as well as introduce artwork from selected international artists."   Owner Deborah Boileau has carefully selected almost 400 original art works in a variety of mediums  from over 125 established and emerging artists, all priced Under $800.  

The three featured in the photo are the creations of my favourite artist, Nicole Young.  I was thrilled to hear the positive comments about my daughter's work from Deborah who feels she's an "up and coming artist".

There are some stunning pieces in the gallery and I was too rushed to get a good look so will be going back for another visit with my hubby before the show closes on Sunday.  Check the website for times if you're interested in an opportunity to purchase some lovely original art.

I also dove down Ellis to visit Hambleton Galleries and pick up the Morriseau paintings that owner Stewart Turcotte was appraising for us.  My Dad is kindly storing them on our walls for a while.  I poked around the gallery while Stew very kindly put new hanging wires on the backs of the two paintings.  What an amazing assortment of works he's gathered.  I would be thrilled to have anything from the collection on my walls, and fell in love with the gorgeous Kalamalka Aspen by Rick Bond.  At just under $4,000, I don't think I'm going to be able to hang it in that perfect spot in my living room any time soon, unless we win the lottery.

Since I was in the neighbourhood I walked around the corner from Hambleton's to visit my friend Georgette Johnson, owner of Turtle Island Gallery.  I'd be thrilled with anything from her place as well.  She has a magnificent  collection of carvings, paintings, prints, baskets, drums, clothing and jewellery made by native artisans of the Pacific Northwest.  I didn't leave the gallery with a piece of art, but I'm consoled by the fact that I did get a lunch date for next week.  


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