Blue Sky and Blue Heron

Castanet promised rain for the week and I was rather disappointed to miss my hike yesterday.  Thankfully they were wrong about the rain today.  The dogs and I enjoyed beautiful sunshine at the dog park this morning and I'll be climbing Knox again this afternoon.  

While leaving the park I spotted this beautiful blue heron staring intently into the swamp.  The bird was oblivious to the cars, and people passing by.  It didn't seem to notice me snapping away, nor was it disturbed by hearing me curse Max as he bounded out of the car window and crossed the street to let me know I was taking much too long.  

After standing as still as a statue for ten minutes the heron wandered a few feet away, gave a great flap of it's massive wings and took off. In my excitement to capture a photo, I couldn't hold the camera quite still enough, or make the necessary adjustments quickly enough before it disappeared into the bullrushes across the way.  


  1. Finally got a chance to see the heron photos...definitely more spectacular than the Flicker we heard and saw on Knox today!! dj


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