Diabetics Recycle

This is several months worth of infusion sets for my insulin pump.  If you check out this link and watch from the four minute mark to the seven, it'll show you how it's used to insert the small cannula under my skin allowing the insulin to get into my body.  It has to be changed every three days.  Today I spent some time pulling the needle out of each one so I could recycle them.  There's a lot of garbage produced when you use an insulin pump and I try to do as much recycling as I possibly can.  

Luckily I can recycle everything but the needles from the infusion set, the needle to get the insulin from the vial into the cartridge that stores the insulin in the pump, and the small needle that fits into the inset attached to the cannula at the end of the tubing that's joined to the pump, allowing the insulin to travel from the pump to the cannula.  All those needles go into a "sharps" container which I buy from the pharmacy, and return when the box is full.  Then they get to deal with it....hopefully by recycling!


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