Near Miss

This morning it took less than two hours to load up the vehicles and then empty them at my daughter's new place.  I'm quite happy with her new digs.  So happy in fact, that I wish I was living there myself.  She's now ensconced in the cute little character home in the older part of the city that I've been trying to manifest for myself.  I guess you'd call it a mis-manifestation. 

It really is a nice place - look at the inlay on this original oak floor!  And it's in great shape.  There are built in corner china cabinets in the dining room  a centre stairwell, french doors out to the deck a separate garage at the back, hunter green shutters on the multi-paned windows and a back lane. *sigh*  

I guess I'll just admire it from afar.  I'm sure there's another one out there for me too.  One that doesn't have four young adults already living it....I'd sure  hate to have to kick them out. 


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