Honey Bees?

I was driving home a couple of weeks ago when something deep in the field on the north west corner of Gordon and Old Meadows Road caught my eye.  Today I had the time to stop and take a photo.

It looks kind of like an apiary but not like any apiary I've seen before.  To be honest I've only seen one apiary before so I guess I'm really not an expert.  If you have any other suggestions, let me know.


  1. Need to know the camera you are using. I'm not taking away from the photographer's unquestionable talent, but I'd love to know the equipment.

    1. It's way more camera than I can handle...I do need some help and it's kind of you to not notice the issues I have. :) I plan to take a course next month. It's a Nikon D200 with a Tamron Zoom lens 18:200 mm. I had a one-on-one with the instructor last week and he uses a Nikon D300 which has a couple of added features that are lacking on the 200. Highly recommended I try to get one since the 9000 is coming out soon and the 300 may be cheaper once it does. Hope that helps!

    2. P.S. there's more I sent in an email.


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