Urban Behaviour

I finally got around to using my Twongo Coupon for Urban Harvest this morning.  I dropped by last week to pick up some organic produce, took one look at the crowd and turned myself right back out the door.  I did my best to beat the rush this morning and arrived at 9:10, just after they opened, but the place was filled with people and the line up at the cash was crazy.  Since I didn't have hubby and the dogs waiting in the car this time, I decided to stay.

Urban Harvest is an organic delivery service that's been operating in Kelowna for about twelve years now.  You can sign up online and receive a rubbermaid container of fresh organic fruit and vegetables at your door once a week for a fairly reasonable price.  We tried it a couple of times while the kids were living at home, but we go through a lot of fruit and veggies and their weekly basket just wasn't able to keep up with our needs.  They've made some changes and now that we're down to two, I'm keen to try it again.  

Today I was at the warehouse for their Saturday sale, where they sell the leftovers of the previous week's produce at a reduced price.   I went home with some great looking apples, onions, oranges, green onions, collard greens, kale, yams, mushrooms, cauliflower, bananas, ginger, cherry tomatoes, and an avocado.  It was a real treat to make dinner tonight knowing that everything on the plate was full of vitamins, minerals and healthy goodness.  


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