This is Hank.  Also known as Hank the Tank.   Hank is Max and Pitou's cousin.  He's a one year old French Bulldog.  Hank is cool.  But he's too cool to tell you that.  So I'm telling you. ....like you needed someone to tell you.  Just one glance at this photo of Hank and you think:  Man, that dog is cool. And you're right.  He's SO cool.  In fact, he's so cool Chuck Norris has a photo of Hank on all his T-shirts.  When Chuck Norris gets up every morning he thinks "What would Hank do?"  

And he's adorable! In fact he's the very definition of adorable.  Earlier, I posted a picture of him looking adorable, but it immediately replaced all the adorable kitten photos on the internet so I had to remove it.  Because not only his Hank cool and adorable, he's very modest...and humble.  

Maybe some day you'll get to meet Hank.  You'll be able to scratch him behind the ears and hear that adorable grunting and snorting that he does.  For now, you'll just have to be happy with admiring his photo and hope that maybe some day you'll be able to cross that last item, "Meet Hank", off your Bucket List.  


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