Gratitudinous Maximus

Yes, Max is handful, and yes there are days when I think "What have I done?"  And there are the days I say "What have YOU done!!!!".   Like this day....and this day... and this day.  Oh yeah, that's the before picture... I didn't post a picture that would have been taken about an hour later, with one of the sheets pulled off the line, balled up in a pile in the dirt and grass.

If you have a dog, especially if you've had it since it was a puppy, you know what I've been going through.  Puppies are challenging.  But then they look at your with those soulful brown eyes, and their  worried foreheads, and your heart just melts.  Even when you've just finished yelling at them for chewing on your suede boots or snarfing down the granola bar you left on the counter, they'll pad carefully over to you, nudge you gently and try to give you a big sloppy kiss.  

There's a lot to be said for unconditional love, and it's something I'm grateful for today.  I'm also thankful:

111.  we were able to adopt dogs like the ones my husband remembers from his childhood summers on the family farm in England.  His Aunt and Uncle had two Rhodesian Ridgebacks named Butch and Rhonda and a little Jack Russell named Snuff. (I think we'll stick with the only one ridgeback and a Jack Russell cross).

112.  when Max lays on the couch, plops his head in my lap with a sigh and I smooth his wrinkled forehead.  His fur is unbelievably soft and plush.

113.  when Max is in the back seat and he pushes his head between the window and the front seat and rests his chin on my shoulder.

114.  that Max and Pitou get along so well.

115. for the chest harness that makes it easy for me to walk him and saves my shoulder a lot of grief.

116.  I have to take him to the park everyday where we've met so many lovely people and their dogs.

117.  for the hike we take up to Mission Ridge that gets my heart rate up,  renews my spirit and rewards me with such a beautiful view at the top.

Note:  These photos were not staged to fit the text.   These are three of a number of shots I took this morning, trying to get a nice photo of Max and Pitou.


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